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Before You Go: Booking Hotels, Packing, and More
Once You're There: Shopping, Dining & Sightseeing Tips
Skin Care Products to Meet TSA Standards

Navigating the TSA's strict three-fluid-ounce rule for products can be tricky, even for the most experienced travelers.  Find out how to effectively pack and purchase your skin care products to ensure that you arrive at your destination fresh-faced and flawless while following TSA regulations.

Get the insider intel on navigating Paris’s famous Marche aux Puces "flea market" from interior decorator and former buyer at Ralph Lauren UK, Allison Boardman. Learn the best time to visit, how to negotiate and the best way to ship your new antiques and furniture home.
Wrinkle-Free Packing Tips

Find out how to keep your clothes wrinkle-free with these packing tips.  Whether it’s for a long weekend or short business trip, follow the simple steps to keep your wardrobe will stay crease-free.

Carnet navigates French cuisine and explains how to dine like a native.  Learn more about France’s dining customs and specific gourmet dishes that are must-tries.  A glossary and brief historical tidbits round out your education in French classic dishes. 

Champagne vs. Sparkling Wine: What's In A Name

Discover the details and history of champagne and find out why not all sparkling wines are equal. From the bottling, the grapes, to the bubbles themselves, learn how to differentiate sparkling wines from around the world before you travel.

No trip to Paris is complete without paying homage to the Eiffel Tower, yet no one wants to wait in long lines or be crowded up and down stairs.  Check out Carnet’s guide on how to visit the Eiffel Tower, including Eiffel Tower restaurant details and best photo ops.

Location, location, location.  While hotel location is key to any travel, this holds especially true in LA.  Carnet travel insiders suggest booking Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel for its central location and same stellar service at renowned luxury hotels like Four Seasons, but at significant savings. Read more for amenities and booking details for the hotel.

To ensure that the must-have Venetian glass chandelier or glassware is authentic, check seals on any Murano glass purchases.  Get the inside scoop with Carnet before you shop Venice.

Save time and money with Carnet’s insider tips for booking hotels.  Reserve rooms in luxury hotels and find the best deals online with these ten booking tips.

Follow Carnet's tips on VAT refunds to avoid paying the 19.6% VAT tax in Paris.  (Hint: only members of the European Union have to pay the fee.)  Follow the steps outlined to save a pretty penny.


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