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Venice Romantic Getaway 

Create your luxury itinerary for a romantic getaway to Venice Italy. If the star sign have anything to do with the chemistry in our relationships then the city of Venice Italy certainly has all the right elements to spark a flame or rekindle romance with your spouse or partner. Whether you are a looking for romance or a  seasoned traveler, the Carnet travel guide to Venice has insider travel reviews for culture rich entertainment, art museums, galleries, fine dining, luxury hotels and fashion designer shopping addresses.

Carnet helps you make travel plans to Venice Italy

walk the earth hand in hand

Quality time is yours again to embrace. Walking the piazzas Hand in Hand and strolling the corridors that lead from one neighborhood to the next. Travel to Venice in the Summer months for the long evening walks along the Giudecca when The Serenissima is given back to the Venetians, go to Venice in autumn during the high tides and walk across piazza San Marco on benches (bring your own rubber boots), go to Venice in Winter when ten centuries of History are covered by a silent blanket of snow, go to Venice in Spring for the flowers and scents of the secret gardens of the city of the Doge.

     Inside the Walls & Gardens |  San Marco

Visit churches, museums, gardens as if you where Lord Byron and when exhausted you are at last in bed, instead of quoting Byron read at media voce one or two pages of the memoirs of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova.  It will add that little touch of eroticism to your formidable romanticism.

     Late Dinner |  San Marco

After an evening of opera from the Italian repertoire at la Fenice, and have try to have supper at Harry’s Bar,

Calle Vallaresso, 1323, 30124 Venice
Open daily 10:30am to 11pm
+39 41 528 5777
The place is mythic, but closes at 11 pm.

   Poetic Lunch |  Torcello

Take a motorboat across the Venetian lagoon to the island of Torcello. Visit the ruins of the old Byzantine cathedral and have a late lunch under the shady pergolas of the gardens of Locanda Cipriani. You may be seated at the table where Ernest Hemingway wrote Across the River and into the Trees. The place is so charming you will want to spend the night in one of the most romantic place in Venice, which is the most romantic city in the world.

Locanda Cipriani Torcello
Piazza Santa Fosca 29 – 30142 Torcello
+39  041 730150 Fax +39 041 735433
Open year-round except January
Closed on Tuesday


make a getaway plan

If you are looking for a travel advisor consider the pages of Savvy travelers use destination information and city guide articles for trip advice and travel reviews that can be saved into a custom map. Use the trip planner to store your trip ideas with the free TravelCarnet tripbuilder, a tool that makes it easy to visit culture-rich destinations with the knowledge of a professional traveler.



embrace the waters

The bodies of water that surround Venice include the Laguna Veneta which collides with the Adriatic sea. This mean that to get there you must cross water and to go from one part of the island to another waterways are the transportation. The waters of the canals lend to the charm and the magic of the city. With the sounds of rafting canoes, motor boats and vaparettos passing, the presence of water is always an undertone in your visit to Venice. Many a romantic encounter are waiting for those who become entranced by the purity, hope and reflection that water can represent. Here are a few ways to embrace water on your Venice getaway.

     Water Taxi |  Laguna Veneta

Take a water taxi from the airport. Water taxis are the town cars of Venice and to stand in the back of one of these magnificent boats when they speed on the Laguna and to see the Serenessima appear in the mist is a unique moment.

If you have the choice prefer the classic varnished wooden boats to the more modern plexiglas ones. The Venice Airport Transfer is the least expansive for the 30 minutes ride from the Marco Polo Airport to your hotel. Book online at

In general go anywhere you want in the lagoon by simply hiring a water taxi from
Consorzio Venezia Taxi, +39 041723 112,
or from Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia, +39 041 5222 303

      Romantic Dinner |  Giudecca Canal

Hire a Water Taxi to take you there just before sunset and enjoy the colors and reflection of the waters. Watch the rays of the Sunset play on the gold of the domes of San Marco from the Bell Tower of San Giorgio Maggiore far from the maddening crowd.

Take in the "drivers" whose shifts are over and in route back to the Station. Feel a part of the local culture and share that moment with your partner.

     Last Vaparetto  |  Grand Canal

Avoid the Gondolas during the day and opt for the last daily ride on the Vaparetto. This romantic ride on the Grand Canal at night becomes memorable the low noise of the engine shreds the silence of the night.

Check the schedule posted first to make sure of the return by water and not by land …

Eat like a Venetian, shop at the Rialto market and prepare lunch at home preferably on your outdoor terrace with the hum of the vapparettos lingering in the wind.

spark a flame  

Romantic Dinner |  Giudecca Canal

Have dinner along the Giudecca canal but avoid the few tourist traps despite their superb terraces on the water. Their multi-lingual menus easily give them away. Instead go to Lineadombra, where the modern Italian cuisine  is excellente, the wine list is impressive and the terrace on the canal de la Giudecca makes it one of the most attractive spot to be at the night of the Redeemer feast to watch the fireworks.

Ponte dell'Umilta, Dorsoduro, 19, +39 41 241 1881



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