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The Best Selection of Antiques in London
From Clothing to Furniture, Alfie\'s Antiques Has it All

In March and June, the most renowned antique shows of Britain make appearances in London, granting collectors and designers a coveted opportunity for great finds. But year round, where does one turn for beautiful, quality pieces? The answer is Alfie’s Antique Market, an indoor market located on Church Street in Kensington. Since 1976, this expansive market has offered year-round selections from the city’s top antiques dealers.

Today, there are over 70 dealers on the premises from day to day. While each has their own specialty, visitors to the market can expect to find treasures from the 19th century onward with a special focus on the 20th century. Art Deco, silver, furniture, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, glass and vintage clothing are everywhere, while unique African and Oriental textiles and art are also represented. Costume jewelry, watches and antiquarian books round out the impressive multi-floor collection, topped by a rooftop café. Head to the roof for a charming view of the city and a welcome break before, in between, or after a day of blissful antique finds.

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